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Super Visa Insurance

This type of insurance policy is mandatory if your parents or grandparents are seeking a Super Visa for a long stay in Canada.

Visitors Insurance

Whether it’s you or your family or friends visiting Canada, always consider purchasing an all-encompassing visitor’s insurance plan.

Life Insurance

Mishappenings are never intentional and can happen at any time. Life Insurance can be a safety net to keep your mind at ease when you least expect it.

Disability Insurance

An accident is more financially disastrous than a disability. If you are disabled, you might not be able to work, resulting in no or less income.

Critical Illness Insurance

Offers a substantial amount of money to the insured client who is diagnosed with any critical illness.


You can consider RESP as a long-term investment strategy that can help your children with the expenses of higher education in Canada.


Short for Registered Retirement Savings Plan, this policy is an investment vehicle for both employees and self-employed individuals in Canada.

Drug & Dental Insurance

Drug and Dental Plan benefits generally include dental care, eye care, prescription drugs, semi-private…


A federal government tax-sheltered savings program intended to encourage Canadians to save and invest for short or long term goals.

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